Wanted – Volunteers

Dear friends of the flying disc,

I’ll go straight to the point: since Fery and Felix have retired from the BFDF, new  volunteers are urgently needed. If no volunteers are found, some things just won’t happen anymore… We’ve already found some heroes for the championships, but we’ve got more tasks! Let me give you a short overview of the goods we can divide.

  • General management – keep an eye on the big picture
  • Indoor Championships
    • Floor Van Damme (Jet Set)
  • Outdoor Championships
    • Amélie Werckx (Diabolic Heaven)
    • Ezra Meisters (Diabolic Heaven)
    • Henri Wuyts (Gentle)
  • National Teams – coaches, selections, …
  • Junior Championships
    • Babou Verhaegen
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Finances

So if you feel like picking up one of these tasks, don’t hesitate to mail info@belgianultimate.be

Mooncatchers & Gentleladies in a class apart

I hope you enjoyed the 2017 – 2018 season immensely, because with the finals it came to an end.

The Gentleladies & The Mooncatchers were in a class of their own this weekend and beat their opponents in the finals with a great margin.

The spirit was won by Oufti-feye (BUWOC) and Jet Set Proschillers (BUOC), so a big shout-out for them as well!


Congratulations to our new champions and the best of luck to the Freezzz Beezzz, Gentleladies, Flying Rabbits & Mooncatchers at the World Club Championships in Cincinnatti later in July!

Ready for the final chapter?

The 2017 – 2018 season is coming to an end. Next weekend the BUWOC & BUOC finals 2018 are being played @ the Blaarmeersen in Ghent.

So what are we actually playing for? Except for the much-wanted Belgian title, we’re also playing for the following trophies. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve learned from past mistakes and made sure you could fill them with beer 😉

The trophies celebrate the team, but the players like their recognition as well, so I’ve foreseen some nice medals, both for the winners and the spirit winners!


For those who are interested in division results, have a look below. And since this year it’s very clear who wins the lower divisions, I’ve foreseen them some trophies as well!

So if someone of Flywin’chester, Eulch’timate, Oufti-ké-rêve, Royal Vos Reinaert Ultimate, White Foxes – Andalouse, De Karolingers & The Swiggity Penguins would attend the play-offs, feel free to find me and come fetch your trophies!


Gentleladies Wit, Full Moon & Freezzz Beezzz Mixed are the indoor champions 2017-2018

Today Jet Set Leuven hosted the play-offs for the indoor championships 2017 – 2018. 8 teams in Open & Mixed and 4 teams in the Women division all wanted that title.

In the Women & Open divisions, the Gentleladies (Gent) and the Mooncatchers (Uccle) showed their indoor supremacy by pushing both their teams to the finals.

In the BUWIC finals Gentleladies Wit beat Gentlelades Blauw. In Open the young guns of Full Moon kept the Mooncatchers 1 at bay to win their first title (after losing the final last year).

The question whether the Flying Rabbits could repeat this trick from Gentle and Moon was answered in the quarters when the Glory Owls caused the upset by beating the Flying Rabbits Diablade. The other Rabbits also lost their quarter finals to the Freezzz Beezzz, who would go on to comfortably beating Jet Set and Diabolic Heaven, making it their 4th indoor mixed title in a row.


End of Regular Indoor Championship Days – Let’s go Play-offs!

After 4 intense days of Indoor Ultimate, the regular competition has come to an end. Interested in the full results, then go have a look at the FINAL RANKINGS AFTER REGULAR COMPETITION.

However, the tournament isn’t over yet! The top 8 teams of the Open and the Mixed divisions will advance to the PLAY-OFFS on March 11th. There they will be joined by the top 4 teams from BUWIC qualifiers.

In the Open division Full Moon are the odds-on favourites, winning 3/4 game days. However, day 3 has proven they aren’t unbeatable. Biggest threat will come from Gentle Open 1 & Mooncatchers.

Diabolic Heaven started the mixed competition with a 4/4 on day 1. However, they weren’t able to repeat that trick. The Flying Rabbits (day 2), Freezzz Beezzz (day 3) and Jet Set (day 4) all proved that the battle for the mixed title will be fought for until the bitter end!

At the BUWIC, top seeds Jet Set LUV and Flying Rabbits will both have to withstand one of the challenger Gentleladies team to reach the finals.


3 trophies and a lot of medals to hand out, but who will take the crown? Come and support your favourites @ Heverlee on March 11th.

Fun facts:
– 12 clubs will be playing at the play-offs (for 20 teams)
– The Flying Rabbits, Gentle & Jet Set each have 3 teams competing
– Jet Set is the only team having a team in each of the divisions.

Indoor Championships Reformation Task Force

The Indoor Championships 2017 – 2018 are nearing their final phase and we’re already reflecting on what went well and where improvements should be made. Over the last couple of years, the growth in teams participating in the BUIC, BUMIC, BUWIC & BUYIC was enormous and the current way of organizing the championships seems less and less sustainable.

Let me give you some examples:

– The amount of teams in the BUWIC went from 8 in 2014 to 25 in 2018. The teams in second division will have no “finals”…
– The BUYIC was first organised in 2016 and now had more than 30 teams participating, causing sometimes incredibly long waiting times between games.
– Bastogne had to go to Bruges twice during this BUIC to play in 6th or 7th division. That’s a 3-hour 1 way drive.

It would be great if we could sit together with a group of interested people and try to find something to fix the clear issues. Can we have multiple qualifier days for the BUWIC? Should the BUYIC be played over multiple days as well? Should we maybe group BUIC/BUWIC and have a separate BUMIC day? Should we create regionals for the lower divisions in the BU(M)IC? Those are just examples, more ideas are welcome.

If you or anyone of your club is interested in this matter, please fill in the following SUBSCRIPTION FORM . If we get a group together, we can only improve the indoor ultimate landscape. If we don’t get one together, we’ll keep it as is, but then I don’t want to hear any complaints next year ;-).

Wanted: Tournament Directors

After 3 years of organising Belgian championships, the BU(W)OC 2018 will be my last. This means we’re desperately seaching for replacements. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in organising one of the championships, please let me know.
I don’t expect one person to organize them all, that person would have to be crazy… But if we can divide the work over several people, each persons effort will be limited.
Over the years I’ve created a lot of documentation (mailbox / google drive) and I won’t disappear from earth, so don’t be afraid. Look at it as an opportunity. As an example of the documentation I show you the ROADMAP TO ORGANIZING BELGIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS I created after my first season.

BUOC 2018 subscriptions have opened

The holiday period is over and people start looking forward to spring. And I know why, they’re just really looking forward to the BUOC 2018! So get your team together and fill in the  subscription form today. And if you don’t want to do it today yet, just make sure to do it before the deadline of February 21st.

Ultimate is booming in Belgium and the number of teams participating in the championships have been increasing at an incredible rate. I’m pretty sure we’ll be breaking records again this edition.

You don’t remember whether you already subscribed your team? Have a look at the subscribed team overview

Best wishes to all and let’s use this winter to be in great shape once the outdoor season starts!

The start of an indoor season

As November nears, we can leave the BUMOC behind us and start preparing for the next championship: the BU(M)IC 2017 – 2018!

There will be 4 qualifying days involving 54 open & 32 mixed teams and a play-off day with the top 8 of each division competing for the championship crown. Will the Freezzz Beezzz repeat last years double? Will the Mooncatchers strike back with an all-moon Open final? Or will the Flying Rabbits take home their first championship victory? It looks to be a very promising indoor season!

Links to all information can be found at http://www.belgianultimate.be/schedules-results/