Hi! My name is Amélie Werckx and I’m 25 years old. I started playing Ultimate frisbee in August 2010 with Diabolic Heaven from Hasselt. My volunteering in the frisbee community started in my own club in 2012, where I’m now the treasurer and take part in the daily operation of the club. Since 2 years I’m also part the Belgian Federation, for which I organize the National Outdoor Championships, and the Flemish federation, as a board member (function to be specified).


One could say that Benjamin Zwarts is a madman with a passion for understanding our interactions in all their complexity. It is essential for him to learn as many skills as possible to satisfy his endless curiosity. It allows him to conceive and concretize certain (secret?) ideas with a great finesse of thought. It’s maybe his daily grain of madness and his efficiency that defines him best. 

Board member

Brice, 42 years old forever. I’m trying to be passionated by a lot of things, but in the end there’s only frisbee that matters. I’m helping the best I can  Mooncatchers, FBFDV, BFDF and national teams. My ultimate dream is to manage a huge sport center for Ultimate Frisbee (including sauna) in Brussels.

I’m Floor. I started in 2014 to play Ultimate Frisbee in Leuven with Jetset. From that moment on I knew I loved this sport and I wanted to help developpe it. In 2017 I started helping with the organisation of the indoor championships to take it over a year later. Now I focus on the development of youth women in Belgium. With organising in 2019 the first-ever U24 women squad.

Started throwing a frisbee at age 15 near the Toms Tourney fields. Got into ultimate when Gentle Ultimate club was founded. Had the pleasure of helping Bommie turn Get Horizontal into more than a blog. As a father of 3 boys that all have learned to throw a frisbee since they could walk and are getting serious about ultimate, I want to help create the best possible setting for them and all youth players to enjoy disc sports. During the day I’m a product manager for tech startups so you will mostly find me behind my computer.

Board member

Laure, math teacher for 23 years, horairist, and techno-pedagogue in training, dancer of all kinds, a little hyper active, discovered Ultimate in 2013, simple mother supporter at the beginning, now accumulates the hats of team manager (since 2016), national team coordinator (since 2018), treasurer FBFDV (since 2017), and BFDF administrator (since 2018). Still finds time to bake cakes, and to take care of her 2 children.