Official Rules Of Ultimate

Belgian Ultimate follows the official WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) Rules for their tournaments. Most tournaments in Belgium use these rules as a basis to start from and change individual rules when required.

WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013
WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013 Appendix
WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013 Hand Signals

A short 2-page summary of the rules that can be distributed to newcomers to the sport can be found here.
WFDF Rules of Ultimate – Pocket Format

For those who prefer reading the rules in their own language:
Rules of Ultimate – Dutch
Rules of Ultimate – French


Since Ultimate is self-refereed, it is important all players know the rules. To guarantee this, players should demonstrate they have read and understood the rules of Ultimate, by fulfilling the ACCREDIATION PROCESS at the WFDF website.

All players and non-players should be able to succesfully obtain the ‘Standard’ accreditation. More experienced players should also try to get the ‘Advanced’ accreditation. Because the rules tend to change over time, your certificate is only valid for 18 months. After this time, the players need to redo the test, to see whether they still know their rules.

On several high-level tournaments, the standard accreditation is obliged for all players and a minimum amount of players (including the captain) should also have their advanced certificate.

Rules for BUF Championships

The Administrative Rules for the Belgian Ultimate Club Championships are valid for all Belgian Championships organised by the BUF.

The complete rules for a particular championship can be found at the Schedules, Rules & Results page.