Worlds 2016

First NameLast NameClub
AmélieWerckxDiabolic Heaven
AnnelienVerdeyenJet Set
CharlotteBrunsGentle (ACL Injury)
CharlottePeetersJet Set
ClaidaAnuarJet Set
EllaCromheeckeFreezzz Beezzz
EstherVanwijckJet Set
FloorVan DammeJet Set
GwendolineRovaiULB Team-E
HilkeHermansDiabolic Heaven
JolienDe RuytterJet Set
JulietteMalaiseFlying Penguins
LauraMalisseDiabolic Heaven
MarenDe DobbeleerDiabolic Heaven
MarielleLefèvreFlying Rabbits
NaomiNoelsFreezzz Beezzz
SilkeDelafortrieJet Set / Mantisse (Austria)
WillemienVan DammeGentle

Posts about the Women Team

  • WUGC 2021 announcement (1/7/2021) - The Belgian Ultimate Frisbee Federation, together with the team managers, have decided not to send their national teams to the 2021 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC).  This decision was taken based on the current health risks of travel, the uncertain future regarding preparation and the financial risks that are involved. As a federation we…
  • National Women Team Worlds 2016 (London) (12/28/2015) - Have a look at the Women team that will defend the Belgian honor in London during Worlds 2016!