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The next official U17 championship will take place in 2024. Currently the first steps are being taken to create a team. Have a look below to know more!



Selection dates:

U17 Open

Coach 1: Joachim De Fraye

Coach 2: Hans Geyens

Teammanager: ?

22Jan23 , 13h – 17h in Ghent

12Feb23, 13h – 17h in Leuven

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U17 Mixed

Coach 1: Jelle Van Coillie

Coach 2: Joost Dalle

Teammanager: Nick Pays

22Jan23, 13h – 17h in Ghent (boys)

12Feb23, 13h – 17h in Leuven (boys)

22Jan23 + 04Feb23 , 10h – 14h in Ghent (girls)

Subscription for girls see below!

U17 Women

Coach 1: Nele Masschaele

Coach 2: Annemie Anckaert

Teammanager: ?

22Jan23, 10h – 13h in Ghent

04Feb23, 10h – 14h in Ghent

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As you can see we are still looking for teammanagers! If you are interested, please contact us at nationalteams@belgianultimate.be.

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In the summer of 2023 the World U17 Ultimate Summit will be organised in Ghent!

“We invite U17 players to a 4-day fun and competetive international ultimate tourney in the heart of Europe. We also invite coaches and parents in our ambition to reach out with Ultimate to more players. All happening at the 2023 World U17 Ultimate Summit. “

If your club team is interesed to attend, look at their website for more info!

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