Belgian National Teams

Welcome to the page that is fully dedicated to our amazing national teams! 

Below is an overview of the national teams that are currently active in the Ultimate frisbee scene. Just click on a picture if you want to get to know a team better! In case you have any questions regarding a team in general or setting up a national team, than check out the Q&A at the bottom. 













Question & Answer

Any player can join the try outs of a specific national team. The staff present will look at your capabilities and decide if you will be selected for the national team. Nevertheless, if a player still has some remaining debt to a previous national team, the player has to pay it before a coach can select him/her.

If the money was used to cover costs (kits, fees, hostel, travel, …) that cannot be shifted to another player, the money can’t be refunded. Any unused provision will be given back to the retiring player.

First of all send an email to the national teams committee, with your proposal. Next the following process will be set in motion. 

In order to be part of a staff, you have to send your application to with a preview of your project. In case of multiple application, BFDF can set up interviews to select the final staff

A national team staff is composed of a Head coach, assistant coaches and team manager. Here a the link to each detailed job description:

Both options can work. Individual applications will be connected together to propose concerned people to create staff. BFDF will then select the complete staff.

The BFDF make sure that:

    • A useful bag of cones, discs, ladders, white board and first health is available for national teams during their whole cycle. The bag has to be given back at the end of the cycle.
    • Templates sheets for team management are available
    • The order of kits for all national teams is placed (contact Laure via
    • Their social platforms are used to share information, leaded by the staff

Yes, if a team is said “valid”, which means following the criteria of BFDF, then the contribution is the following:

    • BFDF pays fields for try-outs (with a cap of 35€/hour and 2*3 hours)
    • For U17 and U20, BFDF pays the full team fee and an additional budget is foreseen to cover part of the staff cost.
    • For U24 and Grass adults, BFDF pays between 50% and 100% of team fee (depending on annual budget of BFDF)
    • For Beach, if a national championship is organised on a recurring basis, then BFDF pays between 50% and 100% of team fee (depending on annual budget of BFDF)
    • For Indoor, the federation pays the full outfits for the “valid” teams, and 50% of the outfits for the teams to which the spot is proposed on the basis of the result of the Belgian championship.

No. In case of exceptional events, a request can be sent to with a motivated proposal. 

A playing team manager has to cover 50% of his/her total cost. The other 50% is paid by the rest of the players. At the kick off meeting, the team can decide to reconsider this division.
For youth teams, the team manager cannot be a player.

You can send your questions to Those responsible are Laure Bodart for the youth teams and Brice Vanhee for the adult teams.