Wanted – Volunteers

Dear friends of the flying disc,

I’ll go straight to the point: since Fery and Felix have retired from the BFDF, new  volunteers are urgently needed. If no volunteers are found, some things just won’t happen anymore… We’ve already found some heroes for the championships, but we’ve got more tasks! Let me give you a short overview of the goods we can divide.

  • General management – keep an eye on the big picture
  • Indoor Championships
    • Floor Van Damme (Jet Set)
  • Outdoor Championships
    • Amélie Werckx (Diabolic Heaven)
    • Ezra Meisters (Diabolic Heaven)
    • Henri Wuyts (Gentle)
  • National Teams – coaches, selections, …
  • Junior Championships
    • Babou Verhaegen
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Finances

So if you feel like picking up one of these tasks, don’t hesitate to mail info@belgianultimate.be

Wanted: National Girls Team for (O)EYUC @ Ghent

The (O)EYUC or ‘Open European Youth Ultimate Championships’ 2016 will take place in the Blaarmeersen in Ghent from July 19th to 24th.

Initially we didn’t succeed in composing a Belgian Girls U17-team. However, with the championship taking place in Belgium, we want to have another try!

People interested in training & coaching or managing a girls U17-team (°2000 or later) can inform us at info@belgianultimate.be. We would also like to ask all teams to check already whether there are girls in their team that would fit in this project, so we can move fast once we have found a staff.