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World Championship 2024 - Crowdfunding

Statement of the Men’s Team:

The World Ultimate Championship will be held from 31 August to 7 September 2024 in Gold Coast, Australia.

The event should gather around 2000+ players from all over the world and from all genders, as the tournament will be composed of the following divisions : Open, Women and Mixed. Belgium is planning on sending at least one team, in the Open division. Being the leading European champion in that division, it would be a non-sense not to send a team to “Worlds”.

The “open” team will be composed of 26 players, and up to 3 or 4 staff members. All players are amateur, bearing all the costs by themselves. Despite some help provided by various institutions such as Adeps and Sport Vlaanderen, we estimate the costs to go up to 4,000 € per player – minimum.

It is important to stress the fact that all players put the same type of commitment as semi-professional athletes in other sports such as football (soccer) or field hockey… without earning anything out of it.

In Ultimate, there isn’t such thing as «prize money» at the end of a tournament.

Only the joy of playing… and the thrill of winning. This is why we need help. 

How can you help?



Coach: Pierre-Alain de Laminne

Teammanager: Olivier Hancisse

Selection dates:

Pre-selection for Worlds has been made! Once final selection is made we will inform you.

European Championship 2023

Final result: European Champion!

Our men’s squad did the impossible. They reached the ultimate goal! Our men simply won the European Ultimate Championship, after well secured wins in quarters (Belgium 15 – 8 Spain), Semi (Belgium 15 – 10 Germany) and ultimately in the final : 13-10 against the undisputed -until then- Great Britain. We’re so proud of our men’s national team; with special thanks to PA for the coaching and all players of the team, bringing Belgium on top of the elite scene with absolutely everyone involved.
Find below the selection, pictures and the full video of the final!

(C) Jordyn Harris, Oliver Hülshorst, John Kofi

Historical Results

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