In 2020 there are 34 official ultimate frisbee clubs in Belgium. Are you looking for a club to play Ultimate Frisbee at? Check then the lists for if there is a club in your area.

Clubs with youth practices

Are you younger than 16 years old than not all the clubs have youth program. See the adapted list for youth. If you are living close to a club that don’t have specific youth practices you can send to the club. There is still a possibility that this list is not up to date or that you can start earlier at the club than 16 years old.

  • Clubs with youth practices

Ultimate frisbee at the univeristy

Are you studying at the university than some universities offer ultimate frisbee in their sport program. Some universities are listed in the adapted list

  • Universities with student practices

New Information

If you know a club that is not in the list, the data is not up to date, or you have something to add. Send a message too: