Indoor Championships Reformation Task Force

The Indoor Championships 2017 – 2018 are nearing their final phase and we’re already reflecting on what went well and where improvements should be made. Over the last couple of years, the growth in teams participating in the BUIC, BUMIC, BUWIC & BUYIC was enormous and the current way of organizing the championships seems less and less sustainable.

Let me give you some examples:

– The amount of teams in the BUWIC went from 8 in 2014 to 25 in 2018. The teams in second division will have no “finals”…
– The BUYIC was first organised in 2016 and now had more than 30 teams participating, causing sometimes incredibly long waiting times between games.
– Bastogne had to go to Bruges twice during this BUIC to play in 6th or 7th division. That’s a 3-hour 1 way drive.

It would be great if we could sit together with a group of interested people and try to find something to fix the clear issues. Can we have multiple qualifier days for the BUWIC? Should the BUYIC be played over multiple days as well? Should we maybe group BUIC/BUWIC and have a separate BUMIC day? Should we create regionals for the lower divisions in the BU(M)IC? Those are just examples, more ideas are welcome.

If you or anyone of your club is interested in this matter, please fill in the following SUBSCRIPTION FORM . If we get a group together, we can only improve the indoor ultimate landscape. If we don’t get one together, we’ll keep it as is, but then I don’t want to hear any complaints next year ;-).