Mooncatcher Juniors Strike Again

This weekend the Belgian Juniors fought some intense battles to be crowned Belgian Youth Outdoor Champions. The Mooncatchers proved once again their juniors are top of the class by winning all 3 age divisions.

The Gentle Torpedos gave it their everything to prevent a 2016 Mooncatchers Junior Championship Grand Slam. And although that win didn’t happen, they can be proud to have reached all 3 finals as well…

BUYOC Final Results

Spiritwise it was a topper as well. Congratulations to AES (U14), Diabolic Heaven (U17) & Mooncatchers (U20) for having the highest spirit scores!

Full Spirit Results can be found here!

Thanks to Gentle & especially Dajo for organising this great tournament!

Subscriptions BUYOC have opened as well!

After a succesful BUYIC with a grand slam for the Mooncatchers and different Spirit winners in each division (Gentle Torpedo’s 2 in U14, Freezzz Beezzz in U17 & Jet Set A-Team in U19), we feel the need to know whether the same results would stand in an outdoor competition!

For that reason the BUYOC will be organised at April 10th @ the Blaarmeersen, Ghent.

BUYOC Subscription Form – Deadline: February 28th

Ideally 3 age divisions will be organised: U14 (°2003 or later), U17 (°2000 or later) & U20 (°1997 or later). However, priority will be given to the U14 & U17 divisions. If it wouldn’t seem feasible to host all 3 divisions that day, the U20 division might be dropped.

Both the U14 & the U17 division will play 5 vs 5 and not on a full-field. This to allow more clubs to get a team together & to enable more games to be played at the same time. The U20 division would be played 7 vs 7 on a full-field.