Dear clubs,

The last 2 years all of our lives have been changed hugely due to the corona pandemic. In the Ultimate Frisbee world we’ve had to miss a lot on a sportive level. Luckily times are changing again and looking better with the indoor competition taking place at this point and with the outdoor championships that are coming up!

Although times we’re though, administratively we took this ‘time off’ to rearrange ourselves. During the first lock down a new Belgian Federation board started having meetings every 2 weeks, which evolved to monthly meetings at this point. A lot of things have been said, discussed, decided, rearranged, etc, all with the purpose of professionalizing the board, the work and the sport!

Now we have reached a point were we are ready to start presenting our work and executing our ideas over the next few months and years! Please read along and discover. 🙂