2023 – 2024

Indoor Championships 2023 – 2024

Subscription form for all ADULT indoor competitions:  HERE

Subscription form for all YOUTH indoor competitions: HERE

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Q & A

The subscription is still open for most categories (except Mixed)

In some divisions some extra teams can still be added, send a message to championships@belgianultimate.be.

Check the schedule there you can find the sepcific hall. If you have the name of the hall you can in the ‘inportant documents tab’ all specific locations. These locations will only be known after the subscription is closed. 

After day 1 & 2 the place will be known at the earliest 7 days after the previous matchday is finnished. 

Yes! For your own home club you can play in the open, mixed and/or women competition if you want. In the case that you are subscribed to two clubs, be aware that you have to choose one home club with which you can play in any competition as a normal player. If you play a competition with the other club you are considered an external player. Check the administration rules if you want to know how many extern players your team can have (depends on the division you play in)

The federation only asks from the organizing club to place scoreboards and cones on the fields. (Time or scorekeeping is not included) If the hositing club wants to do more that is fully up to them. This can range from offering food during the day, have a bar, … The hosting team has your contact details and will inform you in time about what they do/do not offer.

Follow the steps in this Explanation Documents: HERE

If you have following questions after that you can send an email to: belgianultimatechampionships@gmail.com

Each club can add 3 extra players to the team roster after the deadline. 

Link to the form: HERE

You can find the information in the administration document: HERE

Each category has three rule documents:

  1. Indoor XXXX Championship 20XX-20XX (Information document before subscription)
  2. Tournament rules 20XX-20XX
  3. Indoor playing rules 20XX (+ extra info)

The first document is a document that is made before the start of the tournament this gives the information about how and what the tournament is. 

The second document is almost the same as the first document but is made after the subscription deadline and has a more detailed explanation about how the tournament will be held. With the exact divisions etc. 

The third document is the playing rules and tells you which rules we follow regarding playing. Although in the second document some tournament specific things are also noted and they overrule document three. (eg. in the U14 division it is 4vs4 this will be said in document 2 and not in the playing rules document. 

The organiser of the 2023 Indoor Championships is Floor Van Damme. You can send her a message on championships@belgianultimate.be with your question.