Our scala of Belgian Championships is ever increasing and we would even like to add another: the Belgian Ultimate Mixed Beach Championships (BUMBC). Whomever comes up with a better name can earn my gratitude here!

We’re searching for a team interested in hosting this championship. At the moment we are only looking to host a mixed division, because no mixed beach tournament exists yet in Belgium. We have not set a fixed date as to increase the chances of retrieving one or multiple bids. However, we would vastly prefer bids that don’t collide with other Belgian tournaments.

The Belgian tournaments we currently know about are the following

– I don’t carrot all: July 23rd-24rd
– Love At First Flight: August 5th-7th
– Jetlag: August 5th-7th
– Freespect Hat: August 13th – 14th
– BUL Finals: August 14th
– BBC: September 3rd-4th
– Tournée Generale: September 10th-11th

If I’m missing some tournaments, help me out here!
Provisional deadline for bids is set at March 27th. If we have one or multiple bids by that time, we will pick one of them and go further with it.