Outdoor Championship 2022

Are you looking for more information regarding the open, mixed or women division of this years Outdoor Competition? Than you are at the right place. Check out the links below. 

Do you have any questions? Read the Q&A first! 😉


April 2-3rd
May 21-22th
July 3th


March 26-27th
April 30th-May 1st


April 16-17th

July 2-3rd



Thursday May 26th in Ghent







Question & Answer


The official subscriptions closed on February 6th 2022. At this point, one additional team can be hosted in the Open Lower Division 2. If you are interested, send a message to championships@belgianultimate.be.

All of the information can be found in this FILE.

Yes! For your own home club you can play in the open, mixed and/or women competition if you want. In the case that you are subscribed to two clubs, be aware that you have to choose one home club with which you can play in any competition as a normal player. If you play a competition with the other club you are considered an external player.

The federation only asks from the organizing club to place scoreboards and cones on the fields. (Time or scorekeeping is not included) If the hositing club wants to do more that is fully up to them. This can range from offering food (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner) during the day, have a bar, offer an overnight location, do a party,… The hosting team has your contact details and will inform you in time about what they do/do not offer.

The organiser of the 2022 Outdoor Championships is Amélie Werckx. You can send her a message on championships@belgianultimate.be with your question.